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• Remember - stress doesn’t have to turn into distress unless we let it.


• Ask yourself, what’s really important to me in life?


• Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful ones –                

     remember, you feel the way you think.  Emotional self-management is the  

     key to stress management.


• Use coping statements - ‘I can stand it’, ‘does it really matter?’, ‘What the



• Ban perfectionism – good enough is good enough!


• Try to see things from the other person’s point of view – regain perspective.


• Catch tension early. Use stress relieving techniques e.g. deep breathing

     technique, defocus, stretching exercises, move your body.


• Manage your time (remember your life goals!).  When you find yourself  

     procrastinating – ask ‘what’s this costing me?’


• Break down goals/projects into bite size pieces.


• Be assertive – ask for what you want & learn to say ‘No’!


• If you treat yourself with respect, others will respect you.


• Make it a priority to look after yourself - take exercise, get a good night’s  

     sleep, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water...


• Build in regular periods of deep relaxation –it’s time well spent.


• Be kind to yourself – and have some fun!!